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Waiting for European Researchers' Night 2023: guided tours and AperiScienza

In the run-up to the night dedicated to research (29 September), two upcoming series of events will make you reTHINK your knowledge: talks with professors and researchers, guided tours and short trekking tours to discover local science, history and technology

Starting on 30 August, two series of events are planned to involve citizens in scientific happy hours or guided tours to discover the local territory. They will anticipate the European Researchers' Night, which will occur on 29 September in Bologna, Cesena, Forlì and Predappio, Ravenna, Rimini and Ferrara.

Five dates for "AperiScienza": every Wednesday from 30 August to 27 September, from 6.30 PM to 8 PM, at CostArena centre (via Azzo Gardino 48, Bologna). In this series of events, researchers will encourage us to explore the world, or rather the worlds, in which we find ourselves immersed, such as future worlds to be designed and imagined, present worlds to be inhabited and built, and also past worlds that are fading away, and may not return, but which can still be a source of inspiration.

In each events of the series, professors and researchers will present their studies and investigations and tell us how to interpret the Uni-verse as a setting for epoch-making events, the Meta-verse with its possible interactions, and the Multi-verse as the scientific possibility of the existence of universes outside our space-time. And let us not forget that to delve deeper and deeper into knowledge we must often have the courage to go through what we think we know. We also sometimes need to think in the In-verse with respect to what seems simpler and more obvious to us.

The series “La ricerca va in città (e dintorni)” – "Research Goes to the City (and Surroundings)" – is back for those who love to walk and discover unusual places, history, science, and technology in their own city. It starts on 30 August, and researchers will be accompanied by expert guides and city associations to discover places that are often closed to the public. The programme is not yet finalised, but it is already possible to book some tours.

The European Researchers' Night, organised by Society, will return on 29 September to fill the streets and squares of Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Faenza, Rimini and Ferrara, together with researchers from CNR, the University of Bologna, CINECA, INAF, INFN and INGV. These will be joined by ComunicaMente and Naxta for organisation and communication.


dal 30 Agosto al 27 Settembre 2023

CostArena (Via Azzo Gardino, 48 - Bologna)

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Nell'ambito degli eventi "Aspettando la Notte dei Ricercatori"

Ciclo di Aperitivi Scientifici sul tema dei mondi nei quali ci troviamo immersi: Universo, Metaverso, Multiverso, Attraverso e Inverso.

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