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Are Polymer Nanocomposites Practical for Applications?

9 Aprile 2019

ore: 17:30

Lecture by Sanat K. Kumar (Columbia University, New York, USA). Polymer nanocomposites (PNCs) typically contain one or more inorganic nanoparticle (NP) component within an organic, plastic matrix. These hybrid materials have been studied from the 1940’s with a particular focus on applications such as rubber tires, gas separation membranes, water purification technologies, and space applications (such as shielding for the Jupiter spacecrafts). These demonstrations inspired the community to understand how to cost-effectively disperse nanoscale sheets, rods or spheres into polymers. We first ask why such hybrid constructs work and why they improve the resulting material properties. The relationship of these ideas to composite materials in nature (in humans: bone, teeth enamel; in other contexts: oyster shells), and what we can learn from billions of years of evolution is another topic that will be discussed.

L'evento fa parte della rassegna

ISA Lectures 2019

dal 22 Gennaio al 17 Dicembre 2019

Palazzo Marchesini, Sala Rossa (Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna)

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Conferenze tenute in lingua inglese dai Visiting Fellows dell'Istituto di Studi Avanzati

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