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Fear and Technoculture: a future of Humanoid Society in Post-human Age

12 Marzo 2019

ore: 17:30

Lecture by Junji Tsuchiya (Waseda University, Japan). The relationship between machinery and humans has spun the history of fear. Since the middle Ages, especially the Early Modern era, the development of science and technology has been achieved on the basis of the idea of Cartesian dualism which opposes "man and machine", "material and spirit". This dualistic thought originates a human-centered viewpoint (anthropocentrism) that makes machines oppose humans, and any invasion of machines into the human world has been generated "fear" in a human society. Today, in the frontiers of advanced science and technology engineering including robotics, AI technology, neurosciences and biotechnology in recent years, the ontologicaland epistemological issue of human existence has been rapidly changing.

L'evento fa parte della rassegna

ISA Lectures 2019

dal 22 Gennaio al 17 Dicembre 2019

Palazzo Marchesini, Sala Rossa (Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna)

Ingresso libero

Conferenze tenute in lingua inglese dai Visiting Fellows dell'Istituto di Studi Avanzati

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