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Fashion Now!

dal 24 al 25 Novembre 2022

ore: 18:00

Campus di Rimini, Aula Alberti 7 (Piazzetta Teatini, 13 - Rimini)

Ingresso libero

Organised by the International Research Centre Culture Fashion Communication, an initiative founded to foster exchange and fuel an international and multidisciplinary debate between PhD Students and Junior Researchers working on fashion, its present and its future.

The first of the two days will feature a keynote lecture by Antonio Marras, a leading figure from the world of fashion, who will share his experience from the stage of the Fulgor cinema. The second day will be entirely dedicated to research and will take place in the classrooms of the University of Bologna - Rimini Campus. FASHION NOW! will be an opportunity to bring together people, ideas, research and projects related to fashion and to create new connections between research centres, universities and cultural institutions working in this field.