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Economic sanctions as a means of international law enforcement

16 Maggio 2022

ore: 13:00

Complesso Belmeloro, Aula G (Via Andreatta, 8 - Bologna)

L'evento fa parte della rassegna

Economic Sanctions and WTO Law: the Case of Ukraine

dal 16 al 20 Maggio 2022

Complesso Belmeloro (Via Andreatta, 8 - Bologna) / Diretta online su Microsoft Teams

Ingresso libero previa iscrizione

Within the programme “Visiting Professors 2022”, the Department of Legal Studies of the University of Bologna has just financed the proposal by Professor Olena Nihreieva, from the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, for a teaching module on “Economic Sanctions and WTO Law”.

The initiative has also the target of providing a first answer to the pressing needs of legal analysis, in particular under the perspective of International Law and International Economic Law, of the unprecedented wave of economic responses against Moscow, followed by countersanctions adopted by Moscow itself, which has been provoked by the Russian aggression of Ukraine.


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