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Power and ethics in political studies

23 Giugno 2021

ore: 16:30

Evento online su Zoom

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Discussing the role of international institutions; the notion of ‘vulnerable subjects’ in unstable contexts; gender issues and inequalities; data holding and power; the soft power of ethical guidelines; researcher ethical responsibility; research reciprocity; the positionality of the researcher. Speakers: Luigi Achilli (European University Institute), Francesco Cavatorta (Laval University), Francesco Moro (Università di Bologna), Alessandra Russo (Università di Trento). Chair: Alice Mattoni (Università di Bologna).

L'evento fa parte della rassegna

Methodological Aspects of Research Ethics and Safety in Political Studies

dal 17 Febbraio al 23 Giugno 2021

Rassegna online su Zoom

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This cycle of roundtables aims at discussing research ethics and safety in political studies, from an interdisciplinary perspective. No matter the research field in which they are located, scholars studying politics face numerous ethical dilemmas and safety concerns, especially when they locate their investigation in unstable political contexts or when they decide to include vulnerable groups of people as subjects in their research. The roundtables’ discussions will also cover the ethical challenges of doing fieldwork in the digital era, since the increasing importance of digital media brought forward a new set of ethical concerns related to the use of social media platforms, big data, and artificial intelligence to gather and store data on political phenomena.

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