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Economic Responses and International Economic Law. The Russia/Ukraine Conflict

18 Maggio 2022

ore: 11:00

Aula Magna, Palazzo Malvezzi (Via Zamboni, 22 - Bologna) e online su Teams

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The Russia / Ukraine conflict is provoking an unprecedented wave of economic responses against Moscow, followed by countersanctions adopted by Moscow itself. The unparalleled scale, type and variety of measures -ranging from, inter alia, the withdrawal of the MFN status of Russia at the WTO to the exclusion of key Russian banks from the SWIFT system, the asset freezing of Russian people and entities and the bans on strategic goods and raw materials, together with the Russia threat to nationalise resources of companies of “unfriendly” countries- demand a comprehensive analysis of such measures under International Law, and, in particular, International Economic Law. The proposed Re-Globe Seminar, organized with the collaboration of the UNIBO Master in Legal Studies LEGS, aims to start filling this pressing need, also considering the effects produced by the economic sanctions, which, because of trade interdependence, are of course susceptible of working both ways.

Previous registration is required for attendance. Please write to dsg.progettojmreglobe@unibo.it