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Beyond Panic. Bridging activism on mobilities justice and activism on climate justice

24 Aprile 2024

ore: 15:00

Workshop: Elena Giacomelli e Stefania Peca. Seminar: Amali Tower, Climate Refugees; Andrea De Bernardi, Guerrilla Spam.


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Beyond panic? Re-envisioning Climate Mobilities

dal 4 Dicembre 2023 al 29 Maggio 2024

Climate change induced-mobilities is an increasingly salient and controversial topic, leading to the risk of sensationally positioning – including stereotyping framing – the issue. Such distortion calls for the need to challenge current narratives and discourses while offering alternative ones based on evidence rather than on preconceived notions. This series of workshops and seminars wants to analyze from different perspectives and foster collaboration between journalists, researchers, activists and artivists to generate possible counter-narratives of the current alarmist frame.

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