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Italy and the Middle East. Geopolitics, Dialogue and Power during the Cold War

Autore: A cura di Paolo Soave e Luciano Monzali

Editore: I.B. Tauris

This book breaks new ground in our understanding of the interests and agency of a middle-ranking European power such as Italy in the Middle East. The product of often painstaking analysis of unique primary sources from a variety of Italian governmental archives, this book goes beyond the frequent focus on superpower involvement in the Middle East to deliver a very informative set of analyses by experts of the field of the interactions between republican Italy and a variety of Middle Eastern actors, both state and non-state. A seminal and very important book.

Italy and the Middle East brings together a range of experts on Italian international relations to analyse, for the first time in English, the country's Cold War relationship with the Middle East. Chapters covering a wide range of defining twentieth century events - from the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Lebanese Civil War, to the Iranian Revolution and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan – demonstrate the nuances of Italian foreign policy in dealing with the complexity of Middle Eastern relations. The collection demonstrates the interaction of local and global issues in shaping Italy's international relations with the Middle East, making it essential reading to students of the Cold War, regional interactions, and the international relations of Italy and the Middle East.

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