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In-person classes back to full capacity

Following COVID certificate (“green pass”) requirements and ministerial directives aiming for a higher in-person attendance in curricular activities, the University will increase classroom capacities

Starting from 4 October – in consideration of the improving epidemiological situation, ministerial directives and “green pass” requirements - university classrooms will return to full capacity to guarantee the highest attendance by students in curricular activities.

Students will still be able to attend classes online, and students attending classes in person must still reserve their seat on the Presente app. This will allow to better plan activities in compliance with health regulations, to safely and effectively manage classroom capacities, and to do contact tracing if necessary.

According to Decree Law no. 111 of 6 August 2021, from 1 September, Unibo students and staff must be in possession of a COVID certificate (“green pass”) and must show it to access the university premises if required.