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War in Ukraine: the appeal of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI)

The University of Bologna supports the appeal of CRUI, which is seriously concerned about what is happening in Ukraine

The Conference of Italian University Rectors is seriously concerned about the Ukraine crisis and firmly believes that a fundamental mission of the University is to focus on building and consolidating peace through peaceful means. Furthermore, it is convinced that a prompt and strong diplomatic action, negotiated by all parties in good faith, is the only way to address the complex nature of the ongoing conflict. CRUI:

- supports the UN Secretary-General's appeal of 23 February on the respect for the principles of the UN Charter, the need to declare a ceasefire and to engage in dialogue and negotiations;

- strongly reaffirms the importance of peace and dialogue as they are essential for the coexistence of peoples. Furthermore, it condemns all acts of violence and abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms;

- expresses genuine solidarity with those involved and expresses its sympathy for the entire academic community in Ukraine;

- is considering, following the course of events, the possibility to take steps to promote concrete actions in support of students and colleagues who are victims of this situation, including the return of students who are currently in the conflict zones.