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QS Rankings: the University of Bologna ranks again in the top 1% among the first 200 universities worldwide

In the new edition of this international ranking evaluating over 26 thousand universities, the University of Bologna once again sits in the top 1% and continues the steady improvement in its global ranking started in 2017. Since 2014, the University has improved its performance by climbing 21 positions

The University of Bologna went from 13th to 12th percentile of the best universities analysed by QS, thus reflecting an overall growth that led it to constantly improve its results. Despite a significant increase in the number of universities analysed by QS (1422, i.e. 124 more universities than last year's), the University of Bologna ranks 167th worldwide.

Our University ranks 2nd in Italy; 67th in Europe, and 73rd worldwide according to the Academic Reputation Index. This particular index is the most relevant in the ranking as it accounts for 40% of the final evaluation and is based on the assessments by more than 151,000 academics. According to this index alone, our University gets to number 1 in Italy and 20 in Europe.

Despite their inevitably limited view over the university context, such results are a source of great pride for our University; even more so if we consider that QS' metrics tend to privilege universities with lower student/teacher ratios. "The University of Bologna", said Rector Giovanni Molari, "compares and competes with the best universities in the world without sacrificing its nature of a great open and inclusive university". "We take pride in guaranteeing high quality and high reputation levels", added the Rector "while at the same time maintaining our identity as a public mega-university. We owe this and other achievements to the generous commitment of thousands of colleagues who embrace the values of the University of Bologna and work daily to convert them into concrete actions".

QS World University Rankings is one of the most influential university world rankings and is read by tens of millions of students every year. This ranking collates the opinions of 151,000 thousand people between professors, academics and researchers, and of 99,000 thousand managers and HR chief executive officers. Moreover, it takes into consideration 16.4 mln scientific papers, 117.8 mln citations and the distribution data of 23 mln students and approximately 2 mln between professors and researchers.