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A journey behind the scenes of medicine with AlmaSalute

Scholars from the University of Bologna's medical departments talk in videos and podcasts about prevention, healthcare, the fight against disease, research challenges and the training of new healthcare professionals

What is the School of Medicine if not a place where medical science is not only practised, but also improved and taught? A relentless, changing, multifaceted challenge that spans the worlds of science, education and healthcare, from the discovery of new treatments to the training of new doctors.

As from today, this extensive and complex world will be narrated directly by experts from the University of Bologna's medical departments.

The initiative is called AlmaSalute and will offer everyone the chance to find out how medical scholars at the University of Bologna work: a journey made of continuously updated videos and podcadsts offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world of health-related research.

The first videos are already online: topics include childbirth in the 21st century, with its challenges, risks and wonders; interventional cardiology and how it has transformed the way heart diseases are treated today; steatotic liver disease, an increasingly common condition in modern medicine, to understand what it is and its serious implications; climate change and its impact on human, animal and environmental health, with a detailed look at the dynamics of disease transmission in a rapidly changing world.

The first AlmaSalute podcasts, instead, discuss: diabetes and the vital role played by physical activity as a non-pharmacological means of fighting it; placebo effect and nocebo effect, or the role of the mind and brain in the efficacy of treatment and the importance of doctor-patient communication; genetic predisposition to cancer, hereditariness and the tools that make it possible to identify who is genetically predisposed and thus intervene early.

Through AlmaSalute, professors and researchers from the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences and the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences at the University of Bologna talk about prevention, healthcare and the fight against disease, telling us about the fruits of their research activities, and showing us how new health professionals are trained: an opportunity to make citizens more aware and informed and to increasingly strengthen the culture of health and prevention.