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From the University of Bologna Virtual Fair to Alma Orienta International Degree Programmes

The three-day March event dedicated to international degree programmes taught in English is on its way. This event follows the Virtual Fair attended by more than 1600 students from over 100 countries interested in discovering the world of our university

It’s almost time for Alma Orienta 2022, the largest Unibo event for prospective students. One week, three appointments: one to get to know the Bachelor’s and Single Cycle Degree Programmes (Alma Orienta 28 February - 2 March); one for the Master's Degree Programmes (Magistralmente 3 - 4 March); and finally, one for the International Programmes (Alma Orienta International Degree Programmes 2 - 4 March).

The University of Bologna Virtual Fair, dedicated to international students, was held on 25 January and anticipated the three-day "International Degree Programmes" event, where all 90 Bachelor’s and Master's Degree Programmes will be presented in English. More than 1600 students from 115 European and non-European countries had the opportunity to get to know the wide range of degree programmes, services and opportunities, thanks to the live seminars organised by the University and the "virtual stands" with University of Bologna’s staff. Specifically, more than 60% of participants visited the booth on useful information on enrolment, non-EU visa procedures and financial aid. Almost 30,000 messages were exchanged between visitors and exhibitors in the booths, and during the field specific live sessions there were more than 100 views on average.