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Lezioni di Traduzione 1

Autore: A cura di Nadzieja Bąkowska, Alberto Alberti

Prezzo: Scaricabile gratuitamente su Amsacta

The essays in this volume focus on translation, analyzed as an intercultural process in which two different language-cultures concretely become one text, a texte de textes, whose semiotic substance derives precisely from this meeting-clash between them.

Translation is here understood first and foremost as a concrete discursive practice and enunciative strategy, and secondly as a theory that tends to resemanticize the process in a cultural perspective: from concept to text, or rather from concepts to texts, as this field of research requires and as evidenced by the convergent perspective of analysis which lies behind the variety of methods and themes in this series of lessons, which range from the history of translation to self-translation, from verse and wordplay translations to the biography of translators.

This convergence of perspective and intent is embodied in the didactic, less specialized, style of the articles, which are mainly addressed to a student readership, as implicit in the title of the series: Lessons in Translation.


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