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The Emilia-Romagna NEB Local Chapter has been approved

The aim of the initiative, promoted by the University of Bologna and ART-ER, is to contribute to territorial development, combining cultural aspects, sustainability, inclusion and accessibility

The New European Bauhaus - JRC European Commission has approved the setting up of the Emilia-Romagna NEB Local Chapter, an initiative promoted by the University of Bologna and ART-ER, in collaboration with other NEB partners active in the region.

The aim of the NEB Local Chapter of Emilia-Romagna is to coordinate NEB partners operating in the region - such as Sineglossa, Fondazione Ordine Architetti Reggio Emilia and Future Food Institute to develop a common platform of initiatives and promote NEB values - contributing to the development of the territory from a systemic perspective, combining aspects of culture, sustainability, inclusion and accessibility.

The Research Centre for Interaction with the Cultural and Creative Industries (C.R.I.C.C.) of the University of Bologna, as a partner of the NEB Local Chapter on behalf of the University, will work to improve methodologies, tools and eco-systemic relationship models to facilitate stakeholder involvement, stimulate new projects, increase the participation of new actors and a multidisciplinary approach to the cultural and creative industries sector with partners.

Bridging the worlds of science and technology, art and culture, and inviting co-creation to tackle complex social problems, the New European Bauhaus links the principles of the European Green Deal to everyday life and the spaces in which it takes place, inspiring all Europeans to imagine and build a sustainable and inclusive future together.