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University events for International Women's Day. Not only on 8 March

Throughout the month, there will be meetings, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and tours at the University of Bologna to talk about women, the female condition considering rights, exclusions and inclusions, stereotypes and prejudices

During the month of March, a series of initiatives will enliven some venues in Bologna and the campuses of the University of Bologna, thanks to the commitment and contribution of professors and scholars for International Women's Day. Comitati Unici di Garanzia (Guarantee Committee) - CUG, which have always been committed to promoting actions in support of equality between women and men in the public sector, produced a video to reflect on the current situation of women in the world of work from an economic and professional point of view. This year more than ever it is important to support women around the world who are the main victims of war scenarios threatening peace, coexistence and many other achievements of the last century.

The events will start on Thursday 3 March with a series of events organised within the project NipPop - Parole e Forme da Tokyo a Bologna (Words and Shapes from Tokyo to Bologna) of the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the University of Bologna, curated by Prof. Paola Scrolavezza. Four meetings "All’ombra dell’autore - Traduttori nel cassetto” (In the shadow of the author - Translators in the drawer), 3 - 16 - 25 - 31 March, to explore the works of great Japanese writers or directors and to pay homage to the women who work with Japanese culture. Scholars, translators, and experts, who will lead us in the discovery of books, films, and comics that tell us what it means to be a woman in Japan.

Women who talk about women, in a journey that aims to leave behind preconceived ideas and prejudices, and instead explore a still relatively hidden side of contemporary Japan.

On Tuesday 8 March, at 10.15 AM, it will be possible to attend, in person or online, the lecture "Laura Bassi in Germania: il caso Christiana Mariana von Ziegler" (Laura Bassi in Germany: the case of Christiana Mariana von Ziegler), given by Professor Chiara Conterno on the reception of Laura Bassi in Germany. More specifically, the lecture will focus on the ode "Als die gelehrte Laura Maria Catharina Bassi in Bologna den Doktorhut erhielt" written by the German poet Christiana Mariana von Ziegler.

Also on Tuesday 8 March, at 3 PM, the University has organised an exceptional tour, on International Women's Day, dedicated to the female figures of Palazzo Poggi. From the legendary female lecturers of the Middle Ages to the first female professorship in the world, from the scientists of the 18th century Institute to the achievements of today's University, which is moving ever closer to the vital and inviolable goal of gender equality. Faces, voices and legacies of women who silently wrote the history of our university and who deserve a special event, but not limited to this occasion alone. The meeting "Le variabili sesso e genere nelle scienze sensoriali” (Sex and gender variables in sensory sciences) will be held online at 4.30 PM, with Prof. Tullia Gallina Toschi from the University of Bologna and Prof. Sara Spinelli from the University of Florence.

On Thursday 10 March, at 3 PM, in Rimini, is scheduled the seminar “È una donna: il protocollo non ne prevede la presenza…” (She is a woman: the protocol does not provide for her presence...) Donne tra esclusioni, diritti e accessibilità (Women between exclusions, rights and accessibility). Starting from the suggestions of the film "Hidden Figures", a debate will follow focusing on the female condition considering rights, exclusions and inclusions, with respect to the intersectional approach in different working, educational, and social fields.

In Ravenna, on the other hand, from 8 to 18 March, it will be possible to visit the exhibition "Sheroes Heroic women" (Oriani Library, Via C. Ricci, 26 - Ravenna), photos by Federico Borella, curated by the Soroptimist Club of Ravenna. Elena Fabbri, professor at the University of Bologna and delegate for incoming and ongoing future students, will be present at certain times to give her contribution as a Soroptimist.

The programme of events on the occasion of International Women's Day may be updated with further appointments that will be reported in the agenda of Unibo Magazine.