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LGBTQIA+ Anti-Discrimination Desk Opens at the Ravenna Campus

After the helpdesks against gender violence in Bologna and Forlì, Ravenna now hosts a third helpdesk dedicated to countering forms of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation

Starting from 28 May, every Tuesday from 5 to 7 PM at Via Tombesi dall'Ova 55, the entire university community (students, administrative staff, faculty and researchers, collaborators with the University, foreign language instructors and assistants, teaching and language tutors, research fellows) can access this new protected space for listening and support.

The service is free and offers individual consultations in a protected environment, phone support, information on services, and details about the University’s institutional figures and bodies. It also provides interaction with local services and associations, psychological support, and basic legal information.

All services are also available in English and guaranteed online for the entire Multicampus community.

"The opening of a helpdesk at the Ravenna Campus for victims of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, and for reporting any form of discrimination, demonstrates the University’s commitment to combating and preventing all forms of violence, marginalization, and abuse affecting our community" - commented Professor Cristina Demaria, the Delegate for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. -  "The inauguration on the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development further emphasizes the University’s commitment to respecting fundamental rights for all, promoting equity, sustainability, inclusion, and respect for diversity, as outlined in Principle 4 of the University’s Strategic Plan. The Ravenna helpdesk significantly strengthens our efforts in recognizing, preventing, and, when necessary, reporting unacceptable behaviours in our study and work environments".

"We are pleased that the University has chosen to open an LGBTQIA+ anti-discrimination helpdesk at the Ravenna Campus" -  commented Professor Mario Neve, President of the Ravenna Campus. - "Our campus has always been sensitive to inclusion, valuing diversity, and combating all forms of discrimination and violence. I am confident that we can make our campus more welcoming and inclusive".

"The idea to open a helpdesk on our campus came from discussions with the student body and listening to their needs" - added Professor Annalisa Furia, Coordinator of LM I-Contact and member of the EDI Working Group. - "I believe this is a virtuous example of how dialogue within our community and with the city is a valuable and indispensable resource for making our University more inclusive and responsive to emerging issues".

"The Rainbow Map 2024, a report published by ILGA-Europe that ranks 49 European countries based on their LGBTQIA+ rights policies and laws, revealed that Italy has slipped to 36th place" - said Ciro Di Maio, Coordinator of the LGBTQIA+ Anti-Discrimination Centre in Ravenna. -  "The launch of a helpdesk at the Ravenna campus of the University of Bologna, along with future activities outlined in the agreement, offers a glimmer of progress in safeguarding the rights and well-being that should be guaranteed to everyone. We are very pleased with this joint initiative and are confident about the positive impacts it will bring to the university community and society at large."